Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tea With Alice

This will be a late post, meaning: in January me and my friend Nádia decided to see the exhibition Tea With Alice at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. But, I totally forgot that they are closed on Mondays! Yes, I tend to forgot a lot of details and little things like that x)
So in the beautiful space and garden of Gulbenkian we kinda made a photo-shooting test. She is studying Photography and although she is my friend it was the first time we did something like this together.
I hope she can be some kind of  "resident member" of this blog, being my photographer for the outfit posts and in a near future work with her in more elaborated photo-shootings, which I am quite excited about it! =)

Coat: Promod | Shrug: Off Brand (a gift from my mom) | Dress: Bershka | Tights: Off Brand (2nd hand) | High Socks: Primark | Boots: Demonia

Accessories Headband: H&M | Belt: Stradivarius | Key Necklace & Owls Earrings: Click Six (C&A) | Macaron Ring: Hanachi-Charms (Facebook Page) | Tea Party Collection (Necklace&Rings): Something Imaginary (Facebook Page)

In the end I couldn't see the exhibition and as far as I know the draws were disposed in a table, like the table where Alice and her friends had tea. It was a little exhibition and I kinda heard mixed opinions about it.
But I have a souvenir from the exhibition, the book with pictures of the draws that were exposed and the text. I will leave you a few images about it in the next post =)

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