Monday, July 1, 2013

Spending Time at the Beach

Hey there! Friday I went again to the beach with some friends, I've been missing to go to the beach so much. Last year I didn't go not even once, so this year I am trying to enjoy every minute there.
I am not that typical girl at the beach, very tanned... I have a white, peach and pinky skin, it is very sensitive,I have some allergic reaction when I stay too long in the water and I am never tanned and I really don't care about it. I embrace my skin tone and in Portugal as you might know people enjoy going to the beach every time they can and get very tanned. I am just not like that.
I like to go with friends, spend some time around, laughing, enjoying the sun and water, taking a walk by the sea and think about life...
So there is some random photos I've been taking with my mobile phone. Sometimes I go to Costa da Caparica which for me have the best beaches around and Carcavelos, which is the closest where I live and I go often.

@ Costa da Caparica:

@ Carcavelos:

Seems like there is not too much people at the beach, but these photos I took in April and May. Nowdays is almost a nightmare to go to the beach, there is a lot of people around and I didn't take any pictures on friday. Maybe the next time!
I hope all of you are enjoying summer!!! =)


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