Sunday, March 23, 2014

Emilie Autumn Inspired Photoshooting Part I

Hello Dears!

Like I promised, today's post is about my modeling photoshoot with Wicked Wonderland Photography.
It is Emilie Autumn inspired, I tried not to copy integrally her style , because a bit of creativity and originality always make a difference. I love EA since I heard her back in 2006/2007, "Swallow" was the first song and it wasn't love at first sigh, I had to listening more from Opheliac to fell in love, but after a couple more songs I did!
And fortunately the girls at Wicked Wonderland love Emilie Autumn as well, so everyone was excited about the shooting! 
I was more than pleased to finally meet the Photographer Cláudia Melim and her sister, who does all the post-production Débora Melim. They are very kind and nice, I was so glad to meet them 

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 Photographer: Claudia Melim | Wicked Wonderland Photography Facebook and Blogspot
♥ Make up: A Dear Friend of Mine
♥ Model: Myself
♥ Post-Production: Debora Melim | Debora Melim Website


  1. Very awesome! I'm pretty much an Emilie Autumn fan :). These are some great photos!

    x Dawn

    1. Hey thank you so much =)
      I love Emilie Autumn as well. I hope soon post more about these photoshooting =)