Sunday, May 4, 2014



I am know... I have been away from the blog... but sometimes I do not feel like post or write about anything at all. Sometimes I just feel like go away, somewhere far away from everything. And because of it I have quite a lot of late posts to make -.-' I am sorry. I am not that daily blogger updating every single time, I wish I was, I wish I had the time and sometimes I wish I had the will for it.
But... I am here now and I prepared all the late posts which I am going to post during the next days and week.

So today I am going to post a photoshooting I made with Nádia in November's last year. It passed almost 6 months but... Sometimes we are busy, sometimes we are not feeling the edition. Although Nádia is been shooting most of my outfits, this is the first time we worked as a Model&Photographer for a photoshooting.
We decided to start with something simple... but our minds is full of magic ideas for a near future collaboration!!!

So about the editing... We started like this, more with a dark flow:

But in the end, things got brighter than life =)

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